Champions Club - Chattanooga, Tenessee
Pre-Qualifying: October 1-3, 2004




Round of 16 (Qualifying Round)
Marty Steigwardt defeated Arant Sitaram, 6-2,3-6,6-4
Matt Berry defeated Eric Molnar, 4-6,6-3,5-2 retired/injured
Peter Oredsson defeated Alexander, Farquharson 6-2,6-4
Jacobo Hernandez defeated Dusan Tabak, 6-4,6-1
Matt Roberts defeated Armando Carrascosa, 6-3,7-5
Greg Pollack defeated Max Jones, 6-3,6-3

Fourth Round
Arant Sitaram defeated Edson Abrao, 6-1,6-2
Marty Steigwardt defeated Nick Lane, 6-4,6-4
Eric Molnar defeated Lee Gregg, 4-6,6-1,6-1
Matt Berry defeated David Robinson, 6-2,6-1
Peter Oredsson defeated Marek Valicka, 6-2,4-6,6-2
Alexander Farquharson defeated Andy Mack, 2-6,6-1,6-3
Daniel Jung defeated Kiril Tcherveniachki, 6-2,7-6(5)
Jose Orozco defeated Shaun Ellison, 6-4,3-6,6-3
Dusan Tabak defeated Stefan Tell, 6-3,6-4
Jacobo Hernandez defeated Alex Hume, 2-6,6-2,6-2
Armando Carrascosa defeated Nick Brotman, 7-5,7-6(5)
Matt Roberts defeated Paul Warkentin, 6-0,6-4
Max Jones defeated Zachary Rath, 6-3,6-4
Greg Pollack defeated Karim Ayali, 6-4,5-7,7-5
Billy Mertz defeated Ryusuke Kashiwabara, 6-4,7-5
Adam Holmstrom defeated Marco Born, 7-6,6-4

Third Round
Arant Sitaram/Middle Tennessee defeated Nathan Sachs/Vanderbilt, 6-4,6-3
Edson Abrao/Arkansas defeated Matt Laramore/Ball State, 7-5,0-6,6-0
Nick Lane/Auburn defeated Ricardo Almeida/Texas-San Antonio, 7-6(4),6-2
Marty Steigwardt/Florida defeated Bram Ten Berge/Mississippi, 6-3,6-4
Eric Molnar/Alabama defeated Brady Crosby/Western Michigan, 6-3,6-3
Lee Gregg/Oklahoma defeated Josh Irey/Mississippi State, 6-4,6-0
Matt Berry/Tennessee defeated Adam Schaechterle/Northwestern, 6-2,6-1
David Robinson/Purdue defeated Artur Muller/Troy, 6-4,6-7(4),7-5
Marek Valicka/Oklahoma defeated Nick Edlefson/Minnesota, 4-6,6-4,7-6(1)
Peter Oredsson/SMU defeated Mark Henderson/DePaul, 6-4,6-1
Andy Mack/Vanderbilt defeated Anton Tsymbalov/Indiana State, 6-3,6-2
Alexander Farquharson/Texas-Arlington defeated Taylor Bedilion/Santa Clara, 7-6(5),6-1
Daniel Jung/San Diego State defeated Ryan McBride/Arizona State, 7-6(5),6-2
Kiril Tcherveniachki/Tennessee defeated Markus Schiller/Oregon, 6-3,6-1
Shaun Ellison/UL-Lafayette defeated Garrett Snyder/Texas, 6-4,6-3
Jose Orozco/Western Michigan defeated Ryan Stotland/New Mexico, 7-5,6-4
Dusan Tabak/UL-Lafayette defeated Benedikt Stronk/San Diego State, 7-6(5),7-5
Stefan Tell/Florida defeated Scott Blackmon/Georgia Tech, 6-3,6-2
Alex Hume/Kentucky defeated Shunsuke Shimizu/Tennessee Tech, 6-3,6-2
Jacobo Hernandez/Tulane defeated Tim Bradshaw/Western Michigan, 6-2,6-4
Nick Brotman/UC-Santa Barbara defeated Daniel Quiceno/Troy, 6-4,7-5
Armando Carrascosa/San Diego State defeated Fredik Aarum/Mississippi, 6-4,6-2
Paul Warkentin/Arizona defeated Jan Macek/Santa Clara, 6-1,6-7(5),6-3
Matt Roberts/Arkansas defeated Felix Insaurralde/East Tennessee State, 6-2,6-2
Zachary Rath/Georgia Tech defeated Robert Van Swelm/Troy, 6-3,6-2
Max Jones/New Mexico defeated Matt Simpson/Arkansas, 6-2,6-3
Karim Ayali/Mississippi defeated Ryan Sherry/Florida, 6-1,6-4
Greg Pollack/Middle Tennessee defeated Chip Webb/Florida State, 2-6,6-4,7-6(7)
Ryusuke Kashiwabara/UC-Irvine defeated Ener Gursoy/Central Florida, 7-5,7-5
Billy Mertz/Alabama defeated Jeff French/Western Michigan, 6-1,6-4
Adam Holmstrom/Denver defeated Christian Groh/San Diego State, 6-2,6-1
Marco Born/Middle Tennessee defeated Mark Growcott/LSU, 6-4,7-5


Round of 16 (Qualifying Round)
Eberly/Mertens defeated Dickhardt/Haynes, 8-5
Maarchalk/Pauluhn defeated Born/Silijestrom, 8-3
D'Agord/Molnar defeated Chodkiewicz/Gubser, 9-8(1)
Other teams moved on to the Qualifying

Third Round
Archer-Clowes/Zivanovic defeated Bieri/Wilson, 9-7
Carrascosa/Jung defeated Girod/Irey, 8-1
Insaurralde/Posada defeated Berrido/Nicodim, 9-8(4)
Crosby/Orozco defeated Ivanov/Tanasoiu, 8-5
Emery/Hume defeated Lofgren/Panzic, 8-6
Steigwardt/Tell defeated Gregg/Valicka, 8-6
Groh/Stronk defeated Rodriguez/Sulin, 9-7
Bryan/Gaston defeated Bedilion/Macek, 9-8(2)
Eberly/Mertens defeated Christian/Schaechterle, 8-6
Dickhardt/Haynes defeated Edlefson/Gaetz, 8-1
Maarchalk/Pauluhn defeated Barton/Gomez, 8-4
Born/Silijestrom defeated Jones/Pajkowski, 8-6
Chodkiewicz/Gubser defeated Hernandez/Sottocorno, 8-3
D'Agord/Molnar defeated Kutschera/Navarro, 8-2
Ten Berge/DiCesare defeated Lockin/Sachs, 8-5
Hogland/Portois defeated Advani/Halachev, 9-8(5)

Second Round
Bieri/Wilson-Oregon defeated Clow/Reckeway-Nebraska, 8-4
Archer-Clowes/Zivanovic-New Mexico State defeated Friedland/Lock-Northwestern, 8-2
Girod/Irey-Mississippi State over Marevic/Metully-Bradley, walkover/injured
Carrascosa/Jung-San Diego State defeated Ley/Tubak-UL-Lafayette, 8-4
Berrido/Nicodim-Louisville defeated Phippen/Simmons-Furman, 9-7
Insaurralde/Posada-East Tennessee State defeated Mack/Preston-Vanderbilt, 8-6
Crosby/Orozco-Western Michigan defeated Mertz/Murray-Alabama, 8-6
Ivanov/Tanasoiu-Oklahoma defeated Basic/Van Swelm-Troy, 8-4
Lofgren/Panzic-Bradley defeated Baxendine/Thornton-Tennessee, 8-5
Emery/Hume-Kenutcky received a bye
Steigwardt/Tell-Florida defeated Davies/McBride-Arizona State, 8-6
Gregg/Valicka-Oklahoma defeated Alvarado/Bus-Manhattan, 8-4
Groh/Stronk-San Diego State defeated Mavrin/Mitrovski-Alabama, 8-5
Rodriguez/Sulin-Georgia State defeated Karner/Szatmary-Nebraska, 8-5
Bryan/Gaston-LSU defeated Binkley/Vedrickas-Marquette, 8-2
Bedilion/Macek-Santa Clara defeated Newmark/Ross-Butler, 8-4
Christian/Schaechterle-Northwestern defeated Aarum/Ayali-Mississippi, 8-2
Eberly/Mertens-San Diego State defeated Blackmon/North-Alabama, 8-1
Dickhardt/Haynes defeated Felsenthal/Kindervater, 8-3
Edlefson/Gaetz-Minnesota defeated Allen/Sierra-Central Florida, 8-4
Maarchalk/Pauluhn-Furman defeated Berry/Tcherveniachki-Tennessee, 8-6
Barton/Gomez-South Florida defeated Barthec/Jones-Nebraska, 8-2
Born/Silijestrom-Middle Tennessee defeated Bartish/Low-Butler, 9-8(5)
Jones/Pajkowski-New Mexico defeated Ellison/Harfield-UL-Lafayette, 8-4
Chodkiewicz/Gubser-Texas defeated Bradshaw/French-West Michigan, 8-4
Hernandez/Sottocorno-Tulane defeated Brotman/D Angence Arceo-UC-Santa Barbara, 9-7
D'Agord/Molnar-Alabama defeated Autran/Rojas-Arkansas, 8-2
Kutschera/Navarro-UT-Chattanooga defeated Bordow/Weaver-Alabama, 8-3
Ten Berge/DiCesare-Mississippi defeated Falk/Maier-Alabama, 8-6
Lockin/Sachs-Vanderbilt defeated Davidson/Henderson-DePaul, 8-4
Advani/Halachev-Arkansas defeated Gvelisiani/Rath-Georgia Tech, 8-6
Hogland/Portois-UTSA defeated Panzeri/Shimizu-Tennessee Tech, 8-2

Due to the size of the men's pre-qualifying (256 singles, 128 doubles) our results begin with the round of 64.


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