September, 2008 continued

Q: Let's just start with a quick synopsis of what happened between the 12s and the 16s.
A: "I had a great year in 2005, and toward the end of that year, I got a stress fracture in my left foot on the top in the metatarsal bone and it kept me out for 4-6 months. I casted it and let it heal. I didn't have to do physical therapy. And I came back thinking I was good to go. I played a tournament and got a stress fracture in the foot in a different spot.
This time around -- when I had casted it my leg got kind of weak -- I went into a boot and I stayed off of it and was on crutches, which was a much smarter decision, and let it heal on its own. Then, when I thought I felt good I would go out and hit for 10-15 minutes, standing in one spot, to try to get the grove."

Q: So how long was it before you felt you were really ready to play?
A: "Three to four months, again. I was out for almost a whole year. I did a different thing the second time. I started going slow into it and it was a lot better."

Q: Do you know you are still referred to as "a legend" for what you did in the 12s. Did you realize at the time what an accomplishment it was?
A: "Not really. I was just focused on every match. I felt great just winning a lot of gold balls. I kind of after I realized it when everyone started saying 'that's amazing,' 'nice job,' 'that's incredible.' "

Q: Have you spoken to Al Parker, the only other one besides you to do that?
A: "I have not. I'll have to talk to him." more

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