August, 2005 continued

Q: Is there a tournament you haven't played yet that you really want to?
A: "The U.S. Open Junior Championships and I just got into it. I'm looking forward to that. That should be fun."

Q: Does anyone else in your family play tennis?
A: "No, I'm the first and the only."

Q: Do you play any other sports?
A: "No, just tennis."

Q: Are you thinking about colleges?
A: "I definitely want to do that first and then afterward maybe go pro. College first, for sure."

Q: Where are you going from here?
A: "The U.S. Open. I'm going to take a break and practice and then straight to that."

Q: What else do you do in your spare time?
A: "I go to the beach, movies, spend time with friends. Normal stuff."

Q: At what age did you start playing tennis?
A: "I started playing when I was six."

Q: Where do you train?
A: "I don't really train at a club. I hit with my coach at the park. We do that twice a week and then I just do practice matches."

Q: Who is your coach?
A: "Tom Lutz."

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