Women's Team - May 15-19
at the Mobile Tennis Center in Mobile, Alabama

Team Drawsheet


First Round
(1) Auburn-Montgomery received a bye

Lewis-Clark State 6, Westmont 3
Maria Resende (LCS) defeated Lorelei Belindean (W), 6-1,6-0
Jamie Chan (LCS) defeated Kristen Lee (W), 6-4,6-2
Shefat Baishakhi (LCS) defeated Christina Klein (W), 6-3,6-1
Rachel Moorhead (LCS) defeated Gillian Ayres (W), 6-0,6-4
Ana Cornea (LCS) defeated Jennie Dunn (W), 6-4,6-3
Harmony Jones (W) defeated Courtney Childers (LCS), 6-4,6-3
Lorlei Belindean/Christiana Klein (W) defeated Maria Resende/Sonam Yangchen (LCS), 8-2
Kristen Lee/Gillian Ayres (W) defeated Rachel Moorhead/Jamie Chan (LCS), 8-5
Shefat Baishakhi/Ana Cornea (LCS) defeated Jennie Dunn/Harmony Jones (W), 8-3

Shorter 6, Tiffin 3
Glenny Cepeda (S) defeated Julia Grove (T), 6-0,6-4
Lydie Ratsarefadahy (S) defeated Kristen Gibson (T), 6-0,6-1
Juliette Carval (S) defeated Faith Greenawalt (T), 6-0,6-2
Leslie Vial (S) defeated Laura Jeanblanc (T), 6-1,6-3
Wynter Toland (T) defeated Michelle Lord (S), 6-3,1-6,6-4
Dena Haehn (T) defeated Khristy Walker (S), 6-1,6-3
Glenny Cepeda/Lyde Ratsaraefadany (S) vs. Julia Grove/Kristen Gibson (T), 8-9 Did Not Finish
Juliette Carval/Leslie Vial (S) defeated Dena Haehn/Faith Greenawalt (T), 8-0
Vickie Woods/Jean Blans (T) defeated Cristi Walker/Michelle Lord (S), 8-1
Freed-Hardeman received a bye

Lindsey Wilson received a bye

Savannah Art and Design 9, McKendree 0
Chloe Lipp (S) defeated Christine Betz (M), 6-2,6-1
Teressina Araiza (S) defeated Jenny Mennerick (M), 6-2,6-0
Leo Collot (S) defeated Sara Johnson (M), 6-0,6-3
Melyssa Vasquez (S) defeated Heather Brinkmeyer (M), 6-2,6-1
Erica Cardenas (S) defeated Erin Thoman (M), 6-0,7-5
Trudi Smith (S) defeated Sarah Dixon (M), 6-3,6-2
Chole Lipp/Melyssa Vazquez (S) defeated Christine Betz/Jenny Mennerick (M), 8-2
Teressina Araiza/Trudi Smith (S) defeated Sara Johnson/Heather Brinkmeyer (M), 8-1
Leo Collot/Erica Cardenas (S) defeated Erin Thoman/Sarah Dixon (M), 8-0

Mobile 8, St. Scholastica 1
Josy Soares (M) defeated Steph Sparby (SS), 6-2,6-0
Lindsey McDaniel (M) defeated Jess Rich (SS), 7-6,3-6,6-4
Minette Steyn (M) defeated Shannon Hohl (SS), 6-3,6-1
Tiffany Williams (M) defeated Lindsey Skodan (SS), 6-3,6-2
Megan Mohler (M) defeated Marissa Knutsan (SS), 6-4,6-1
Casey Ruberto (SS) defeated Maria Aguirre (M), 4-6,7-6(6),7-5
Lindsey McDaniel/Tiffany Williams (M) defeated Steph Sparby/Jess Rich (SS), 8-4
Josy Soares/Minette Steyn (M) defeated Shannon Hohl/Lindsey Shodan (SS), 8-5
Megan Mohler/Maria Aguirre (M) defeated Marissa Knutsan/Kristan Anderson (SS), 8-6

(4) Southern Nazarene received a bye

(3) Azusa Pacific received a bye

Indiana Wesleyan 6, Oklahoma Christian 3
Jennifer Le (OC) defeated Sarah Bauss (IW), 7-6(3),4-6,6-4
Audrey Donovan (OC) defeated Erin Neuenschwander (IW), 7-5,3-6,6-3
Julia Hedgebeth (IW) defeated Jami Carver (OC), 6-2,6-2
Shannon Gehrke (IW) defeated Tarryh DeSouza (OC), 6-7(6),6-4,6-4
Kristi Haddad (IW) defeated Piper Johnson (OC), 6-3,6-1
Brittany Raymond (IW) defeated Lela Rundle (OC), 6-1,6-4
Erin Neuenschwander/Sarah Bauss (IW) defeated Jami Carver/Audrey Donovan (OC), 8-6
Tarryn DeSouza/Jennifer Le (OC) defeated Shannon Gehrke/Brittany Raymond (IW), 8-4
Julia Hedgebeth/Laura Helm (IW) defeated Piper Johnson/Lela Rundle (OC), 8-4

Point Loma Nazarene 9, Indiana Southeast 0
Ashley Strimple (PLN) defeated Jenni Townsend (ISE), 6-2,6-2
Andrea Montoya (PLN) defeated Jillian Becher (ISE), 6-0,6-0
Kelsey Weir (PLN) defeated Alisha Smith (ISE) , 6-0,6-0
Christine LaLonde (PLN) defeated Nikki Cannon (ISE), 6-2,6-2
Mara Petrini (PLN) defeated Jenna Richie (ISE), 6-0,6-1
Crystal Richter (PLN) defeated Jessica Pfeiffer (ISE), 6-4, 6-3 Ashley Strimple/Andrea Montoya (PLN) defeated Jenni Townsend/Jillian Becher (ISE), 8-0
Christine LaLonde/Mara Petrini (PLN) defeated Alisha Smith/Leigh Butke (ISE), 8-3
Kelsey Weir/Crystal Richter (PLN) defeated Jenna Richie/Jessica Pfeiffer (ISE), 8-2

Vanguard received a bye

Berry received a bye

Embry-Riddle 6, Bethany 3
Nora Klube (ER) defeated Tori Everhart (B), 6-0,6-0
Natalie Anaya (ER) defeated Michelle Hinman (B), 6-1,6-3
Alex Buttazzoni (ER) defeated Beth Prier (B), 6-0,6-0
Lindsey Kurtz (ER) defeated Shanda Kilian (B), 6-0,6-3
Anna Feyerherm (B) defeated Evan Halbhuber (ER), 6-2,6-3
Crystal Mannebach (B) won default Anna Feyerherm/Shanda Kilian (B) over Rachel Lund/Evan Halbhuber (ER), default
Nora Kluge/Alex Buttazzoni (ER) defeated Tori Everhart/Michelle Hinman (B), 8-2
Natalie Anaya/Lindsey Kurtz (ER) defeated Cyrstal Mannebach/Beth Prier (B), 8-1

Brenau 8, Northwood 1
Zora Gyoreova (B) defeated Morgane Reverbel (N), 6-1,7-5
Helene Macchi (B) defeated Julia Vilkenas (N), 6-0,6-1
Alejandra Ripoll (N) defeated Natalia Aranguren (B) , 6-4,6-3
Lindsay Woon (B) defeated Quinn Davidson (N), 6-0,6-0
Kristin Fouts (B) defeated Shayain Gustavsp (N), 6-4,6-1
Roxana Olvera (B) defeated Tess Svenson (N) , 6-3,7-5
Zora Gyoreova/Helene Macchi (B) defeated Morgane Reverbel/Julia Vilkemas (N), 8-3
Lindsay Woon/Natalie Aranguran (B) defeated Alejandra Ripoll/Quinn Davidson (N), 8-5
Kristin Fouts/Roxana Olvera (B) defeated Ana Stulebeke/Clauria Andrade (N), 8-2

(2) Fresno Pacific received a bye


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