December, 2006 continued

Q: How do you feel about making the documentary?*
A: "It's fun. I like it. It could go on ESPN or The Tennis Channel or something like that."

Q: What has been your best win? I think it's now, today!
A: "Yes. The Eddie Herr Championships"

Q: What tournament did you have the most fun at?
A: "This one. The atmosphere with the other countries."

Q: What tournament haven't you played yet that you most want to play?
A: "14s Winter Nationals. I'm playing up, finally. I've been playing 12s and this will be my first 14s."

Q: Does anyone else in your family play tennis?
A: "Everyone. My mom and dad started and my sister plays high school. My parents played college tennis. My dad played for (Texas) A&M and my mom played for Louisiana Tech."

Q: How old were you when you started playing tennis?
A: "Three."


Photo on left is of TJ Pura & Mitchell.
*more about 50,000 Balls on page three
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