November, 2006 continued

Roxanne Ellison Q: Is there a tournament you haven't played yet that you are looking forward to playing?
Sierra: "The U.S. Open. Junior or the main U.S. Open. We almost played the Juniors this year, but it got so complicated. We'd really like to play that in the coming year."
Roxanne: Definitely Wimbledon. Anything on grass because we love playing on grass. It's really good for our game."

Q: Where do you play on grass?
Roxanne: "We play in Palm Springs and during the summer we practice on the courts at Mission Hills."

Q: Does anyone else in your family play tennis?
Sierra: "My dad used to play tennis a lot, but now he just coaches us. He's one of our main coaches. My mom plays basketball, though. (Cheryl Ellison was an All-Conference basketball player for Penn State.)"

Q: Do you train with any other coaches?
Sierra: "We have a few coaches. Michael Joyce, who is also Sharapova's coach and we have an English coach, Mark Walpole, and a French coach, Eric Michaut. The last person is my dad's friend Michael Lanahan. He's up in LA (Los Angeles). We also have trainers to keep up our physical game. Todd Norman from Cutting Edge works with us.
Roxanne: "Todd trained Lindsay Davenport and he is one of the reasons she got back on top of her game. That's what we're hoping -- to get to the next level and continue to grow with him."

Q: Are you thinking about college?
Roxanne: "I'm a senior, but I plan on waiting a year after high school to go to college with my sister."

Q: Is there a particular school the two of you are looking at?
Roxanne: "Right now we are looking at a lot of the west coast schools. We don't really want to be premature about it. We're just looking for schools where we can develop our game and have a really good chemistry with the coach."

"One other thing... we've been working with Kathy Ireland and we are now her National Teen Spokespersons for her 911 for KIDS (http://www.911forkids.com or (714) 894-5450). It's really important to us."

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