November, 2006
17 years old (Date of Birth: 8/26/1989) & 16 years old (Date of Birth: 8/16/1990)

Sibling junior tennis players are certainly not rare, but there are few and far between that have continual success as doubles partners. Roxanne & Sierra Ellison are two of the exceptions and the Southern California duo is just getting started.

Roxanne & Sierra used their 2006 semifinal win at the Easter Bowl (which gave them the No. 1 national ranking in Girls 16s doubles) as a stepping stone to success, following it by reaching the finals of the Girls' 18s National Open in Costa Mesa and winning their first national title at the Carmel Valley Athletic Championships. They also continued a very successful High School tennis career, giving Tesoro High its first CIF-SS individual tennis title in school history.

In addition to Junior Tennis, High School Tennis and studies, Roxanne & Sierra Ellison have found time for charity work. The have been named as the National Teen Spokespersons for Kathy Ireland's "911 for KIDS" and "Athletes and Entertainers for KIDS." It is important to them to volunteer their time whenever possible.

Three thousand miles and conflicting schedules made it impossible for me to get together with Roxanne & Sierra in person, but the duo intrigued me enough to warrant a phone interview.

by Marcia Frost


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