September, 2007 continued

Q: What has been your best win?*
A: "The USTA National Spring Championships at Delray Beach in April. I won the Gold Ball."

Q: What tournament did you have the most fun at?
A: "OUATT (Once Upon a Time Tennis) in France and Croatia this summer."

Q: What tournament haven't you played yet that you're most looking forward to playing?
A: "Wimbledon."

Q: Does anyone else in your family play tennis?
A: "No one has ever played, I am the first."

Q: At what age did you start playing tennis? ?
A: "Six years old."

Q: How old were you when you played your first tournament?
A: "Seven."

Q: Where do you train?
A: "Patrick McEnroe's at Grove Isle and Weston Athletic Club. "

Q: With anyone in particular?
A: "I have three of the best coaches. Kevron Bennettt and Otis Johnson have been my coaches for four years and I train daily with Lawrence Tieleman."

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