August, 2006 continued

Q: How did reaching the top of the 16s change your goals?
A: "I knew I was close to a lot of the top girls, but I could never beat them. I finally got over that last summer. I went out every match and just played how I play and that got me victories. My ranking was a surprise, but I guess my confidence has grown and I've gotten some respect from other players. They know I have more than just taking some games off them."

Q: You are one of the few players in juniors on the top of singles and doubles. Why do you play doubles?
A: "It's fun. It's serious, but I have fun with my friend Lindsay (Clark). It takes the pressure off and it helps you practice your volleys."

Q: How do you feel about being in a family full of tennis players?
A: "It's helped me with my game because I used to get destroyed by my sisters when I was younger and now I get to help my (younger) brothers."

Q: How does it feel when you beat your older sister?
A: "I've become a better player and it makes me realize that I've worked hard and I'm getting there."

Q: And they are okay with it?
A: "Yes, they know that I go to more tournaments and have more experience so they understand."

Q: What do you do in your spare time?
A: "I hang out with my friends. I live in a beach community so I go to the beach. Tennis is not always on my mind. My family is special. They let me decide when to play. I'm really grateful."


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