September, 2005 continued

Q: How did the filming (of The Zoo) affect your play?
A: "In the beginning it was tough, it was a pretty big distraction, but I got used to it."

Q: Is there anything you've been doing differently over the last year? You've had some incredible wins.
A: "I've been working really hard with Jay Berger. He's our new coach. He's teaching us how to work hard. Maybe it's starting to pay off a bit."

Q: What has been your best win?
A: "Yesterday, ranking wise, but it's really not fair to say that because it's Alex's first touranment back* and I know he's not 100% yet. Last year here I beat a pretty big player. Rastogi. It was a big win for me. He was seeded and I was a wildcard so that was big."

Q: I also saw your match at the Claycourts against Marc (Spicijaric). That was just incredible (Tim won 2-6, 7-6(3), 7-6(0)). What tournament did you have the most fun at?
A: "Wimbledon, for sure. It was really a great experience."

Q: Is there a tournament you haven't been to yet that you're looking forward to?
A: "I don't know. I've been to all the Grand Slams now."

*Alex Kuznetsov, above with Tim Smyczek, was in a serious car accident in March of 2005.