Campus Notes
January 2003

David Lowenthal

Eric Langenkamp

Coach Laura Glitz

Kyle Kliegerman

Jasmin Hodzic

Janet Bergman

At the 29th Intercollegiate Classic, David Lingman of Harvard and Maureen Diaz of Southern California were the singles winners. David got by San Diego's Jason Pongsrikul while Maureen passed Texas A&M's Jessica Roland in the finals.

* * *

College players were in the winners circle at the USTA National Open Men's & Women's Championships, held at the National Tennis Center during the holidays. Wake Forest sophomore David Lowenthal was both a singles winner and a doubles finalist. In the singles final, he eliminated Notre Dame freshman Eric Langenkamp and in the doubles he partnered with Princeton's Kyle Kliegerman in a doubles final that came down to 11-9 in the third set tiebreaker.

The University of New Mexico was also well represented at this tournament. UNM's Divan Coetzee was the third place singles and doubles winner (with Bart Scott) and Jasmin Hodzic took sixth place in the singles.

Princeton Assistant Coach Laura Glitz and former Arizona player Elizabeth Purpura teamed up for the women's doubles title over juniors Stacia Fonseca and Becky Gordon.

Winners at the USTA National Open Men's & Women's Championships will be able to pick from a number of USTA Pro Circuit events to which they will receive a wildcard.

* * *

Coaching Change... Janet Bergman, who led Wake Forst in singles and doubles wins when she graduated in the Spring, has been appointed that team's assistant coach.

* * *

There have been a number of changes to the ITA rules that were finalized during the coaches convention. For updated information on Individual Competition, Team Line-ups, Starting Times and Scoring, see ITA Rules on their website.

* * *

Information on incoming freshman, transfers and players who have left school for the pro circuit is now in our Status Report section.

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