University of Tulsa
Main Draw: October 5-8, 2006


Men's Doubles Drawsheet


Luis Flores/John Isner (5-8) (above) defeated Brian Hung/Matko Maravic (4), 8-3

Luis Flores/John Isner (5-8) over Markus Dickhardt/Chris Groh, walkover
Brian Hung/Matko Maravic (4) defeated James Cluskey/Ken Skupski, 8-4

Luis Flores/John Isner (5-8) defeated Diego Camacho/Ross Cunningham, 8-3
Markus Dickhardt/Chris Groh defeated Bobby Cameron/Kaden Hensel, 8-5
Brian Hung/Matko Maravic (4) defeated Somdev dev Varman/Treat Huey, 8-3
James Cluskey/Ken Skupski defeated Lenny Gullan/David Stone, 8-6

Round of 16
Diego Camacho/Ross Cunningham defeated Kevin Anderson/Ryan Rowe (1), 8-6
Luis Flores/John Isner (5-8) defeated Matt Christian/Willy Lock, 9-7
Markus Dickhardt/Chris Groh defeated Nick Cavaday/William Noblitt, 8-3
Bobby Cameron/Kaden Hensel defeated Clancy Shields/Luke Shields, 8-6
Somdev dev Varman/Treat Huey defeated Nick Brunner/Joshua Raff, 9-7
Brian Hung/Matko Maravic (4) defeated Arnau Brugues/Federico Soriano, 8-3
Lenny Gullan/David Stone defeated Adam Hubble/Ben Rogers, 8-6
James Cluskey/Ken Skupski defeated Marco Born/Andreas Siljestrom, 8-6

First Round
Kevin Anderson/Ryan Rowe-Illinois (1) defeated Joey Atas/Peter Rodrigues/Duke, 8-3
Diego Camacho/Ross Cunningham-Tulsa defeated Robbert Lathouwers/Alex Schweizer-Auburn, 9-8(6)
Luis Flores/John Isner-Georgia (5-8) defeated Paul Rose/Kurt Zaske-Purdue, 9-8(6)
Matt Christian/Willy Lock-Northwestern defeated Eric Molnar/David North-Georgia Tech, 8-6
Nick Cavaday/William Noblitt-North Carolina State defeated Henrique Cancado/Harel Srugo-Old Dominion, 8-6
Markus Dickhardt/Chris Groh-San Diego State defeated Anze Cevka/Martin Steigwardt-Georgia State, 9-8(8)
Bobby Cameron/Kaden Hensel-Tennessee defeated Jarmaine Jenkins/Clement Reix-Clemson (5-8), 9-8(8)
Clancy Shields/Luke Shields-Boise State defeated Evan Dufaux/Andy Mack-Vanderbilt, 8-3
Somdev dev Varman/Treat Huey-Virginia defeated Chris Klingemann/Devin Mullings-Ohio State, 9-7
Nick Brunner/Joshua Raff-Cornell defeated Andrew Hamar/Todd Paul-Wake Forst (5-8), 8-5
Arnau Brugues/Federico Soriano-Tulsa defeated Ytai Abougzir/Maciek Sykut-Florida State, 8-6
Brian Hung/Matko Maravic-Michigan (4) defeated Jakob Klaeson/Robbye Poole-Mississippi, 8-2
Lenny Gullan/David Stone-North Carolina defeated David Galic/Michal Kokta-Baylor, 8-4
Adam Hubble/Ben Rogers-Tennessee defeated Daniel Byrnes/Nathan Byrnes-Oklahoma (5-8), 8-5
James Cluskey/Ken Skupski-LSU defeated James McGee/Jay Weinacker-North Carolina State, 9-8(10)
Marco Born/Andreas Siljestrom-Middle Tennessee (2) defated Federico Chavarria/Marek Velicka-Oklahoma, 8-4

Consolation Finals
Henrique Cancado/Harel Srugo defeated Federico Chavarria/Marek Velicka,

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