University of Wisconsin - Madison, Wisconsin - February 5-8, 2004




(1) Stanford 6, William & Mary 1
Megan Muth (W&M) defeated Amber Liu (S), 3-6,6-3,6-1
Alice Barnes (S) defeated Lena Sherbakov (W&M), 6-2,6-0
Erin Burdette (S) defeated Amy Wei (W&M), 6-2,6-1
Lauren Barnikow (S) defeated Kate Boomershine (W&M), 6-0,6-1
Theresa Logar (S) defeated Emily Mowery (W&M), 6-4,6-1
Emilia Anderson (S) defeated Linda Yang (W&M), 6-3,6-3
Barnikow/Burdette (S) defeated Muth/Wei (W&M), 8-6
Barnes/Liu (S) defeated Sherbakova/Boomershine (W&M), 8-4
Anderson/Yelsey (S) defeated Yang/Mowery (W&M), 8-4

UCLA 5, (5) North Carolina 2
Jackie Carleton (UCLA) defeated Aniela Mojzis (NC), 7-5,6-7 4),6-3
Daniela Bercek (UCLA) defeated Lee Bairos (NC), 6-1,6-2
Caitlin Collins (NC) defeated Feriel Esseghir (UCLA), 6-1,3-6,6-4
Alex McGoodwin (UCLA) defeated Kendall Cline (NC), 6-4,6-3
Sara Anundsen (NC) defeated Sarah Gregg (UCLA), 6-3,6-3
Lauren Fisher (UCLA) defeated Jenna Long (NC), 6-3,6-1
Carleton/Fisher (UCLA) defeated Mojzis/Cline (NC), 8-5
Bunn/Bairos (NC) defeated Bercek/Esseghir (UCLA), 9-8(5)
Gordon/McGoodwin (UCLA) defeated Anundsen/Collins (NC), 8-6

(4) Vanderbilt 7, Wisconsin 0
Audra Falk (V) defeated Katie McGaffigan (W), 6-1,6-0
Aleke Tsoubanos (V) defeated Shana McElroy (W), 3-6,6-3,7-6(6)
Kelly Schmandt (V) defeated Lindsay Martin (W), 6-3,6-1
Amanda Fish (V) defeated Teresa Gonzaga (W), 6-3,6-1
Ashley Schellhas (V) defeated Kaylan Caiati (W), 6-3,6-3
Annie Menees (V) defeated Lexi Goldin (W), 6-1,6-2
Schmandt/Tsoubanos (V) defeated McGaffigan/Martin (W), 9-8(4)
Falk/Menees (V) defeated Gonzaga/McElroy (W), 9-7
Fish/Schellhas (V) defeated Caiati/Goldin (W), 8-0

(5) Washington 6, Tennessee 1
Claire Carter (W) defeated Tammy Encina (T), 7-6(2),6-7(4),6-3
Dea Sumantri (W) defeated Sabita Maharaj (T), 6-0,6-4
Erin Hoe (W) defeated Ashley Robards (T), 3-6,7-5,6-0
Dinka Hadzic (W) defeated Blakeley Griffith (T), 6-2,6-4
Saskia Nauenberg (W) defeated Vicky Jones (T), 6-4,3-6,6-2
Mugette Ahn (W) defeated Melissa Schaub (T), 6-1,6-2
Encina/Schaub (T) defeated Carter/Sumantri (W), 9-8(4)
Maharaj/Robards (T) defeated Ahn/Hoe (W), 9-8(6)
Griffith/Breanna Kray (T) defeated Hadzic/Nauenberg (W), 9-8(3)

Texas A&M 4, (6) Southern California 3
Jessica Roland (TX A&M) defeated Luana Magnani (SC), 6-0,3-0,ret/inj
Carine Vermeulen (SC) defeated Helga Vieira (TX A&M), 7-6(6),6-2
Roberta Spencer (TX A&M) defeated Anca Anastasio (SC), 7-6(4),6-3
Dianne Matias (SC) defeatedLauren Walker (TX A&M), 6-3,1-6,7-6(5)
Nicki Mechem (TX A&M) defeated Melissa Esmero (SC), 6-1,6-2
Anna Lubinsky (TX A&M) defeated Bernadette Bayani (SC), 6-3,6-0
Mangnani/Vermeulen (SC) defeated Roland/Vieira (TX A&M), 8-2
Matias/Esmero (SC) defeated Spencer/Walker (TX A&M), 8-6
Lubinsky/Mechem (TX A&M) defeated Bayani/Anastasio (SC), 8-6

(3) California 7 (BYU) 0
Raquel Kops-Jones (C) defeated Barbora Zahnova (BYU), 6-4,6-4
Jieun Jacobs (C) defeated Sofia Holden (BYU), 4-6,6-3,(12-10)
Nicole Havlicek (C) defeated Lauren Jones (BYU), 6-1,6-4
Catherine Lynch (C) defeated Olga Bulycheva (BYU), 6-1,6-4
Jody Scheldt (C) defeated Lu Oswald (BYU), 6-2,6-1
Monica Wiesener (C) defeated Rebecca Pike (BYU), 6-1,7-6(4)
Zahnova/MacFarlane (BYU), defeated Kops-Jones/Jacobs (C), 8-6
Havlicek/Scheldt (C) defeated Pike/Oswald (BYU), 8-4
Lynch/Shu (C) defeated Bulycheva/Holden (BYU), 8-5

(7) Northwestern 6, Kentucky 1
Cristelle Grier (NW) defeated Aibika Kalsarieva (UK), 7-6(3),6-3
Jessica Rush (NW) defeated Sarah Foster (UK), 7-6(4),7-6(3)
Joelle Schwenk (UK) defeated Jamie Peisel (NW), 6-1,6-1
Alexis Prousis (NW) defeated Lara Mauerer (UK), 7-5,6-1
Andrea Yung (NW) defeated Christine Simpson (UK), 7-6(3),6-3
Ruth Barnes (NW) defeated Kim Coventry (UK), 6-4,6-3
Grier/Rush (NW) defeated Foster/Kalsarieva (UK), 8-1
Peisel/Prousis (NW) defeated Simpson/Maurer (UK), 8-1
Schwenk/Coventry (UK) defeated Yung/Chiang (NW), 8-2

(2) Georgia 6, Harvard 1
Agata Cioroch (G) defeated Courtney Bergman (H), 6-0,6-4
Shadisha Robinson (G) defeated Susanna Lingman (H), 6-0,6-1
Evgenia Subbotina (G) defeated Eva Wang, Harvard , 6-2,6-2
Melissa Anderson (H) defeated Natalie Frazier (G), 6-6, retired/inj
Jitka Schonfeldova (G) defeated Preethi Mukundan (H), 6-2,6-1
Alexandra Smith (G) defeated Cindy Chu (H), 7-5,7-5
Cioroch/Robinson (G) defeated Bergman/Lingman (H), 9-8(3)
Subbotina/Schonfeldova (G) defeated Wang/Matire (H), 8-2
Frazier/Wink, UGA defeated Anderson/Hyotte (H), 8-6

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