February 4-6
Level 3
B18,16 Singles, FIC
Wickertree Tennis Club
Columbus, Ohio
Tournament Director: Arnie Jones
Entry has closed
E-Mail: wickertree2@aol.com

February 10-12
Level 3
G18,16,14, Singles, MFIC
Rush-Copley Healthplex
Aurora, Illinois
Tournament Director: Bill Dahm
Entry has closed
E-Mail: billdahm@aol.com

February 17-21
Level 2

BG18 Singles, Doubles, FIC
Punahou Tennis Club
Honolulu, Hawaii
Tournament Director: Bernard Gusman
Entry has closed
E-Mail: hawaiinationalopen@yahoo.com

BG18, Singles, Doubles FIC
Waco Regional Tennis Center
Waco, Texas
Tournament Director: Mike Doty
Entry has closed
E-Mail: jcuratella@wacotennis.net

BG18, Singles, Doubles, FIC
Queen City Racquet Club
Cincinnati, Ohio
Tournament Director: Doriana Lofgren
Entry has closed
E-Mail: qcrc@cinci.rr.com

BG18, Singles, Doubles FIC
Train Smart Tennis
Tampa, Florida
Tournament Director: Alan Williams
Entry has closed
E-Mail: TrainSmartTennis@TampaBay.rr.com

BG16, Singles, Doubles, FIC
McFarlin Tennis Center
San Antonio, TX
Tournament Director: Cherie Mott
Entry has closed

BG16, Singles, Doubles, FIC
Lakewood Tennis Center
Lakewood, CA
Tournament Director: Eric L. Stephens
Entry has closed
E-Mail: lkwd.tennis@verizon.net

B16, Singles, Doubles, FIC
Newman Tennis Center
Augusta, Georgia
Tournament Director Richard Hatfield
Entry has closed
E-Mail: rhatfield@augustaga.gov

G16, Singles, Doubles FIC
Ridgeland Tennis Center
Ridgeland, Mississippi
Tournament Director: Susan Toler
Entry has closed
E-Mail: drhartman@hearst.com

B16, Singles, Doubles, FIC
Club For Life
Monroeville, PA
Entries to: Rochelle R Seilhamer
Entry has closed
E-Mail: rseilhamer@oxfordathleticclub.com

G16, Singles, Doubles, FIC
Pennbriar Athletic Club
Erie, PA
Entries to: Kelly Maslar
Entry has closed
E-Mail: kervmaz@hotmail.com

BG14, Singles, Doubles, FIC
El Paso Youth Tennis Center
El Paso, Texas
Tournament Director: Larry Haugness
Entry has closed
E-Mail: lhaugnessepytc@aol.com

BG14, Singles, Doubles, FIC
Westgate Tennis Center
Dothan, Alabama
Tournament Director: Don Bryan
Entry has closed
E-Mail: CMckissack@dothan.org

B14, Singles, Doubles, FIC
Cheval Polo & Golf Club
Lutz, Florida
Tournament Director: Francis Cooke
Entry has closed
E-Mail: tennis@tampabay.rr.com

G14, Singles, Doubles FIC
Bardmoor Golf & Tennis Club
Largo, Florida
Entries to: Maria Cercone/T. West
Entry has closed
E-Mail: mzcercone@aol.com

BG14,12, Singles, Doubles, FIC
Claremont Tennis Club
Claremont, California
Tournament Directors: Mike Alpert/Barry Friedman
Entry has closed

BG12, Singles, Doubles, FIC
Baton Rouge, LA
Tournament Director: Ronnie Walters
Entry has closed
E-Mail: ronniew10spro@yahoo.com

BG12, Singles, Doubles, FIC
Tri-City Fitness
Latham, New York
Entries to: Andy Schechter
Entry has closed
E-Mail: andy@tricitytennis.com

B12, Singles, Doubles, FIC
Cooper Creek Tennis Center
Columbus, Georgia
Tournament Director: Mark A. Ruzeski
Entry has closed

G12, Singles, Doubles, FIC
Sea Island Tennis Center
Sea Island, Georgia
Tournament Director: Dickie Anderson
Entry has closed
E-Mail: dickieanderson@seaisland.com


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