University of San Diego & San Diego State University, California
September 28-30, 2001



Texas A&M 25, Oklahoma City 20
Ryan Newport (TX A&M) defeated Arnaud L'Official (OCU), 6-5
Ryan Newport/Alex Barragon (TX A&M) defeated Arnaud L'Official/Pedro Custodio (OCU), 6-1
Anne Laure Legunnec (OCU) defeated Jessica Roland (TX A&M), 6-2
Marisue Jacutin/Anne Laure Legunnec (OCU) defeated Majorie Turburgh/Jessica Roland (TX A&M), 6-5
Alex Barragon/Jessica Roland (TX A&M) defeated Arnaud L'Official/Marisue Jacutin (OCU), 6-2

BYU 27, San Diego 18
Gert Vilms (BYU) defeated Ricardo Rizo (SD), 6-2
Gert Vilms/Carlos Lozano (BYU) defeated Ricardo Rizo/Juan Cerda (SD), 6-1
Heather Polumbus (SD) defeated Brooke Beverly (BYU), 6-3
Brooke Beverly/Lu Oswald (BYU) defeated Heather Polumbus/Paola Arrangoiz (SD), 6-4
Lu Oswald/Carlos Lozano (BYU) defeated Ricardo Rizo/Paola Arrangoiz (SD), 6-5

South Alabama 30, Winthrop 14
Zlatko Stupavsky (SA) defeated Michal Kwiecien (W), 6-4
Zlatko Stupavsky/Evan Fowler (SA) defeated Michal Kwiecien/Mauricio Delgado (W), 6-5
Silvia Sosnarova (SA) defeated Judit Trunkos (W), 6-0
Katarina Pelenikova/Vicki Stoklasova (SA) defeated Judit Trunkos/Renata Barreto (W), 6-2
Evan Fowler/Zlatko Stupavsky (SA) defeated Michal Kwiecien/Judit Trunkos (W), 6-3

Arizona 24, San Diego State 20
Oliver Maiberger (SDSU) defeated Steven Capriati (A), 6-5 (3)
Oliver Maiberger/Ryan Redondo (SDSU) defeated Steven Capriati/Carl Hagman (A), 6-1
Maja Mlakar (A) defeated Katja Karrento (SDSU), 6-3
Maja Mlakar/Mary Pierre Pouliot (A) defeated Silvia Tornier/Lindsey Hedberg (SDSU), 6-2
Mary Pierre Pouliot/Lindsey Hagman (A) defeated Katja Karrento/Travis Hasson (SDSU), 6-3

Fresno State 26, Santa Clara 12

Victor Camargo (SC) defeated Nick Fustar (FS), 6-2
Nick Fustar/Alex Krohn (FS) defeated Victor Camargo/Mike Bruggemann (SC), 6-4
Kim Niggemeyer (FS) defeated Christine Limbers (SC), 6-0
Simone Jardim/Kim Niggemeyer (FS) defeated Christine Limbers/Janale Kaloi (SC), 6-0
Nick Fustar/Kim Niggemeyer (FS) defeated Victor Camargo/Christine Limbers (SC), 6-2

Oklahoma State 25, Princeton 19
Trevor Smith (P) defeated Matt Prentice (OSU), 6-5
Matt Prentice/Fran Krepelka (OS) defeated Trevor Smith/Daniel Friedman (P), 6-5
Linda Faltynkova (OS) defeated Priya Bhuphathi (P), 6-0
Priya Bhuphathi/Kristi Watson (P) defeated Katya Kolodynska/Linda Faltynkova (OS), 6-2
Fran Krepelka/Linda Faltynkova (OS) defeated Kristi Watson/Trevor Smith (P), 6-2

Alabama 30, UC-Irvine 14
Nick Beugue (A) defeated Wkwesi Williams (UCI), 6-2
Chris McCrae/Nick Beugue (A) defeated Wkwesi Williams/Renouk Wijemanne (UCI), 6-1
Weyli Chang (A) defeated Anna Bentzer (UCI) (Boss sub at 1-4), 6-2
Becca Baum/Weyli Chang (A) defeated Kristina Boss/Anna Bentzer (UCI), 6-4
Chris McCrae/Weyli Chang (A) defeated Renouk Wijemanne/Kristina Boss (UCI), 6-5(1)

SMU 22, Loyola Marymount 21

Eric Cohn (SMU) defeated Leo Graeubig (LM), 6-4
Joahannes Asuja/Leo Graeubig (LM) defeated Eric Cohn/James Bell (SMU), 6-3
Kit Carson (SMU) defeated Fileva (LM), 6-0
Angelina Zdorovitska/Andrea Lord (LM) defeated Katie Pruett/Kit Carson (SMU), 6-1
Eric Cohn/Jenny Langer (SMU) defeated Leo Graeubig/Fileva (LM), 6-5

*The WTT team tennis scoring was originated by Billy Jean and Larry King. It features teams of two men and two women. Each match is made up of five sets -- one men's singles, one women's singles, one men's doubles, one women's doubles and one mixed doubles. Each game won is awarded a point and a nine-point tiebreaker is played if a set reaches five all. Overtime and a "supertiebreaker" are played, if necessary.



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