Stanford University - Palo Alto, California
May 18-29, 2006

May 19, 2006
Women's Team Championships, Day Two

The day certainly didn't go as planned in Palo Alto as the rain came at the exact minute the referees were calling the warmup and starting the day's matches. Play was moved indoors a few hours later, but jetlag and a pile of work from the other college championships influenced my decision not to drive into San Francisco for late night play. And that meant that I missed Miami shocking shutout over Notre Dame as the second seed lost their first match of the season. Nothing, however, will keep me from the Saturday men's matches -- rain, shine, indoor or out -- the matches will go on and so will I!

Here we go! The first ever Men's & Women's NCAA Tennis Championship has arrived at Stanford University and I'm excited to be a part of it. Unfortunately, there is a possibility of rain hanging over us for the next week, but we'll all keep happy, dry thoughts.

It's going to be a long tournament with matches going day and night. I'm going to do my best to pace myself so I can avoid burnout and bring as many stories and photos as possible.

There was only one surprise on Day One of the Women's Team event (the men don't begin until Saturday) -- the domination of No. 11 Northwestern over No. 6 Georgia Tech, 4-0. I'm sorry I missed that one, but I have some exciting matches on my coverage today -- No. 11 Northwestern vs. No. 3 Southern California & No. 7 Miami vs. No. 2 Notre Dame.

If you are in (or can get to) the Bay Area, come down to Stanford and check out some of the best tennis in the world. If not, you can still be part of it by watching the live scoreboard and video and coming back here each day for stories, results and photos.

Until Tomorrow,
Marcia Frost

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