University of Kentucky - Louisville, Kentucky - February 7-10, 2002



In the semifinals, Illinois upset the No. 1 seeded Georgia ending a 30-match win streak by the Bulldogs. This is the second streak breaking performance by the Illini at the Indoors. In 1999 Illinois advanced to the finals after ending Stanford's 45-match streak.

Stanford is making their 16th appearance in the Indoors finals. They defeated Southern California in a tough semifinal to have a chance at a 12th title.

Illinois 4, Georgia (1) 1
Amer Delic (I) defeated Matias Boeker (G), 7-6(3),6-3
Brian Wilson (I) defeated Bo Hodge (G), 7-5,6-3
Brandon Wagner (G) defeated Michael Calkins (I), 7-6(3),6-4
Lesley Joseph (G) vs. Mike Kosta (I) DNF
Adam Seri (G) vs. Nathan Zeder (I) DNF
Jamal Parker (I) defeated Stephen Timu, 6-4,6-4
Amer Delic/Michael Calkins (I) defeated Matias Boeker/Bo Hodge (G), 9-8(3)
Mike Kosta/Nathan Zeder (I) defeated Lesley Joseph/Stephen Timu (G), 8-6
Stanford (2) 4, Southern California 2
K.J. Hippensteel (S) -- pictured right -- defeated Andrew Park (SC), 5-7,6-1,6-3
Scott Lipsky (S) defeated Ryan Moore (SC), 6-1,6-2
David Martin (S) defeated Prakash Amritraj (SC), 6-4,3-6,6-2
Nick Rainey (SC) defeated Ryan Haviland (S), 6-1,6-4
Phil Sheng (S) vs. Daniel Langre (SC) DNF
Sam Warburg (S) defeated Damien Spizzo (SC), 6-3,6-3
Ryan Moore/Nick Rainey (SC) defeated David Martin/Scott Lipsky (S), 9-8(2)
K.J. Hippensteel/Ryan Haviland (S) defeated Daniel Langre/Damien Spizzo, 8-3
Andrew Park/Prakash Amritraj (SC) defeated Phil Sheng/Sam Warburg (S), 8-5

Quarterfinal Playoff
UCLA 4, Duke 1
Rodrigo Grilli (UCLA) defeated Mike Yani (D), 6-3,6-3
Jason Zimmerman (D) defeated Erfan Djahangiri (UCLA), 6-2,7-5
Lassi Ketola (UCLA) defeated Peter Shults (D), 7-6(2),7-6(1)
Marcin Matkowski/Jean-Julien Rojer (UCLA) defeated Phillip King/Mike Yani (D), 8-5
Erfan Djahangiri/Rodrigo Grilli (UCLA) defeated Peter Shults/Jason Zimmerman (D), 8-3
Jean-Julien Rojer (UCLA) defeated Joel Spicher (D), 6-3,7-5
Mississippi 4, Notre Dame 3
Javier Taborga (ND) defeated Alex Hartman (M), 7-6(5),6-4
Kristofer Stahlberg (M) defeated Aaron Talarico (ND), 6-3,5-7,7-5
Catalin Gard (M) defeated Casey Smith (ND), 5-7,6-2,6-2
Paul Ciorascu (M) defeated Luis Haddock-Morales (ND), 6-3,3-6,6-3
Matt Scott (ND) defeated Martin Selin (M), 7-6,4-6,6-3
Brent D'Amico (ND) defeated Claes Lindholm (M), 6-2,6-4

James Malhame/Ashok Raju (ND) defeated Alex Hartman/Catalin Gard (M), 8-5
Aaron Talarico/Brent D’Amico (ND) defeated Paul Ciorascu/Claes Lindholm (M), 8-2

Pepperdine 4, Indiana State 1
Al Garland (P) defeated Vedran Vidovic (IS), 6-3,6-3
Johan Berg (P) defeated Henry Choi (IS), 6-3,6-2
David O’Connell (IS) defeated Steve Racioppi (P), 6-3,7-6(5)
Diego Acuna (P) defeated Ross Johnson (IS), 6-4,7-6(9)
Al Garland/Johan Berg (P) defeated Henry Choi/Vedran Vidovic (IS), 8-4
Calle Hansen/Brian Wright (P) defeated Lovre Brajkovic/DaliborMihajlovic (IS), 8-5
California 4, Brown 2
John Paul Fruttero (C) defeated Nick Malone (B), 6-3,6-4
Wayne Wong (C) defeated Justin Natale (B), 6-7(5),6-3,6-1
Jamie Cerretani (B) defeated Balazs Veress (C), 6-4,6-1
Robert Kowalczyk (C) defeated Adil Shamsdin (B), 6-2,6-0
Chase Exon (C) defeated Nick Goldberg (B), 6-3,6-3
Jamie Cerretani/Nick Malone (B) defeated Ben Miles/Balazs Veress (C), 8-3
Natale/Drake (B) defeated Exon/Ledonova (C), 8-4
Kentucky 4, Tennessee 2
Adam Carey (T) defeated Karim Benmansour (K),6-2,6-3
Jesse Witten (K) defeated Mario Toledo (T), 6-3,6-4
Evan Austin (K) defeated Mark Dietrich (T), 6-4,6-4
Matt Emery (K) defeated Jake Olsen (T), 6-2,6-4
Rahim Esmail (K) defeated Mark Henderson (T), 6-2,6-2
Mark Dietrich/Jake Olsen (T) defeated Evan Austin/Karim Benmansour (K), 9-7
Jesse Witten/Rahim Esmail (K) defeated Mario Toledo/Andy Crews (T), 8-5
Adam Carey/Mark Henderson (T) defeated Matt Emery/Gustav Pousette (K), 8-5
San Diego State 4, SMU 3
Oliver Maiberger (SD) defeated Krystain Pfeiffer (SMU), 6-4,3-6,6-4
Felix Hardt (SD) defeated Alexis Rudzinski, 6-4,4-6,6-3
Valentino Pest (SD) defeated Johan Brunstrom (97), 6-4,6-1
Lukasz Senczyszyn (SMU) defeated Travis Hasson, 7-5,6-3
Ryan Redondo (SD) defeated Ryan Mauck (SMU), 7-5,6-2
Gwinyai Chingoka (SMU) defeated Gabe Coren, 6-2,6-3
Krystain Pfeiffer/Ryan Mauck (SMU) defeated Felix Hardt/Travis Hasson (SD), 8-6
Gwinyai Chingoka/Lukasz Senczyszyn (SMU) defeated Valentino Pest/Gabe Coren (SD), 8-6



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