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updated 6/29/04
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The majority of the world does not distinguish athletes as professional or amateur. That is not the case in the United States. Though the USTA has passed a "Call Item" to allow professional players 18 and under to compete in USTA Super National events, the NCAA still has very specific guidelines on amateur status.

The purpose of the College And Junior Tennis Status Report is to help everyone keep up with who's turning pro and who's signed to attend a specific college. Information on this page is updated as soon as we receive it.

University of Portland-The Pilots have taken two from Texas A&M. Matt Loucks and Alex Strom have transferred to Portland.

Taylor Dupre-The Eastern player will attend Stetson in the fall.

Indiana State-Coach Ryan Ray has signed four players from four different parts of the world. Anton Tsymbalov (Kazakhstan), Christopher Eldon (Bahamas), Kevin Doh (New Zealand) and Simon Thornewill (England) will join his program.

Megan Zebroski-It's been four years since the winner of multiple NYS championships teamed with Jayme Ahmed to win a doubles title at a USTA National Open Championship. Now, the two will re-join when Megan plays for Dartmouth in the fall.

Stanford-Stephanie Kwok, who recently won the Brian Watkins Award at the Mayor's Cup Scholastic Championships, has signed with the Cardinals.

Jack Baker-One of the top juniors in Great Britain will play for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln next season.

UCLA-The Bruins will welcome two of the top players in Paris -- Jeremy Drean and Matthieu Dehaine.

Michael Mintz-The top New York high school player who recently led his team once again to the finals of the Mayor's Cup Scholastic Championships is joining the Amherst team.

Illinois-Coach Craig Tilley is building another dynasty. He has just signed Ruben Gonzales and Ryan Rowe to join with previous recruits Andrew Eklov, Brandon Davis and Monte Tucker.

Story Tweedie-Yates-The recent winner of the PAC-10 Invitational doubles title (with partner Theresa Logar) has transferred from Stanford to TCU.

Northern Illinois-Mark Tate, a Texas high school champion, is joining the Huskies in September.

Tim Prudlow-The Wisconsin state champion is staying in his home state and playing for Wisconsin-Green Bay this fall.

Princeton-The Tigers have inked twins Andrew and Christian Husby to start in the 2004-05 season

Christopher Welnetz-The Texan will be playing for St. Louis University this fall.

Binghamton University-Twins Mark and Tony Piro are joining the Bearcats next season

Nolan Polley-The top ranked junior has signed to play for Kentucky.

Columbia-Marlena Hall will join the Lions for the 2004-05 season.

Tara Grant-The soon to be St. Stephen's Tennis Academy graduate will play for St. Louis University.

Long Beach State-The 49ers have inked Romania's Nicoletta Ratiu for next season.

Tulsa-Argentina's Carla Zabaleta, a frequent doubles finalist on the ITF circuit in 2002-03, has been signed by Head Coach Paige McMurray.

Chloe Carlotti-Chloe, who ended last year ranked in the top ten of the NCAA Division I national rankings, has transferred from Fresno State to Ole Mississippi.

Donald Young-The 14 year old Orange Bowl winner has turned professional

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