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Updated 9/29/2008
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(Signees for January 2008 & Fall 2008 were only updated through the start of the season)

Note: The College And Junior Tennis Status Report is based on confirmations from schools and agents, not player decisions. Unlike sites that post verbal commitments that have not been verified, players will not be included in the Status Report unless they have made written commitments.

Gail Brodsky

Asia Muhammad

Gail Brodsky-This year's Girls' 18 Nationals winner gave up her amateur status in time to take her earnings from the U.S. Open wildcard.

Asia Muhammad-The 16 year old turned professional.

Michael Sicora

Ryan Lipman

Ryann Cutillo

Stefanie Nunic

Maya Johansson-The sophomore has transferred from Georgia Tech to UCLA.

Minnesota-Michael Sicora has told coach Geoff Young that he will play for the Gophers. Previously, Magdalena Wiecha, a national champion in Poland, signed a National Letter of Intent for the women and Julian Dehn of Germany the men.

Virginia-Neela Vaez has transfered from Purdue to Virginia.

Indiana-Men's Coach Randy Bloemendaal announced the addition of Maxime Armengaud of France.

Vanderbilt-Ryan Lipman will join the men's team and Erica Robertson the women's.

Wake Forest-The Deamon Deacons will welcome Martina Pavelec and Ryann Cutillo.

Western Michigan-The women signed April Kerr, Rachel Denny & Jenny Nalepa, while the men's team has announced the signing of Pablo Olivarez while t

Boston University-Stefanie Nunic, Petra Santini & Morgan Ivey will play for the Terriers in September.

Hofstra-The men's and women's team each garnered a new addition for the fall with Davis Taylorand Brooke Sailer.

Samford-The Bulldogs picked up Michael Browder and Carson Ka.

Long Beach State-The 49ers have added Anna Dallara to previous signees Rachael Manasee & Julie Luzar.

Xavier-Marian Lang has signed on with the Muskateers.

Coach Geoff Young had signed Phillip Arndt to the men's team during the early period.

University of Toledo-The Rockets picked up Skyler Engel and Robbie McCallum for the fall.

Kevin Anderson

Mauricio Ballivian

Julia Cohen

Kevin Anderson-The former Illini, who made the finals of the Tennis Channel Open, has signed with Octagon.

Mauricio Ballivian-The top-ranked Bolivian is now playing for Drake University.

University of Florida-Julia Cohen made a last minute decision to join the Florida Gators for the Spring 2008 season.

Drew Courtney

Reese Milner

Jillian Santos

Dana Guentert

University of Virginia-UVA Coach Brian Boland picked up Drew Courtney, David Nguyen & Reese Milner for next year.

Binghamton-Coach Mike Stevens inked Jillian Santos for the 2008-09 season.

Michigan State-Women's Head Coach Erica Perkins announced early signee Dana Guentert.

Courtney Clayton

Logan Hansen

Bradley Klahn

Ryan Thacher

Stanford-Men's Coach John Whitlinger has signed Bradley Klahn & Ryan Thacher. Courtney Clayton & Logan Hansen will join the women's team.

University of California-Santa Barbara-Coach Marty Davis has picked up Nick Caledonia.

Roy Kalmanovich

Waylon Chin

Dennis Nevolo

Chelcie Abajian

Illinois-Coach Brad Dancer has signed three players for 2008. Roy Kalmanovich & Waylon Chin win join the Illini in January and Dennis Nevolo will enter the team next September.

Women's Coach Michelle Dasso inked Chelcie Abajian & Amy Ayllin

Christian Harrison

Ryan Harrison

David Holland

Luke Marchese

Christian & Ryan Harrison-The Harrison brothers have signed on with the IMG Agency.

Duke-Coach Jay Lapidus signed three new players for the 2008-09 season -- David Holland, Luke Marchese & Torste Wietorska.

Stacey Lee

Joshua Graves

Michael Sicora

Courtney Rauscher

Northwestern-Women's Coach Claire Pollard signed Stacey Lee, while the men picked up Eric Spector, Josh Graves & Michael Sicora.

Cal Irvine-Coach Trevor Kroneman will have four new players on his 2008-09 team: Oscar Fabian Matthews Tyler Bowman, Steve Henderson & Jon Kazarian.

Virginia Tech-Martha Blakely, Shannon Betts & Courtney Rauscher have signed on for September '08.

Alex Dachos

Kristy Frilling

Casey Watt

Sam Keeton

Middle Tennessee State-Coach Alison Ojeda signed Taylor Coffey & Alex Dachos.

Katarzyna Siwosz-After a successful career at Cowley Community College, Katarzyna is heading to Baylor.

Northern Iowa-Talia Jang-Stewart is playing for the Panthers beginning in '08.

Notre Dame-Women's Coach Jay Louderback signed Kristy Frilling & Shannon Matthews. Men's Coach Bob Bayliss has inked Casey Watt & Sam Keeton

McCall Jones

Chelsea Preeg

Heather Steinbauer

Jacqueline Wu

BYU-McCall Jones & Romina Nedakovic will be at Brigham Young University next fall.

Ohio State-Coach Chuck Merzbacher picked up Kelsey Haviland for fall 2008.

Vanderbilt- The Commodores have signed Chelsea Preeg, Heather Steinbauer & Jacqueline Wu. 

Hillary Davis

Rebecca Marino

Courtney McLane

Richard Doverspike

Georgia Tech-The reigning NCAA Women's Champions have signed Rebecca Marino & Hillary Davis, while the men's team got Kevin King.

Western Michigan-The Broncos announced the addition of Jenny Nalepa & Rachel Denny.

Louisville-Robert Hall will join the Class of '12

UCLA-Coach Billy Martin is bringing in Alex Brigham and Coach Stella Sampra inked Nina Pantic.

University of Alabama-The men's team picked up John Lewis, Ricky Doverspike & Creighton Blanchard for September 2008, while the women will have Courtney McLane & Taylor Lindsey.

Nadja Gilchrist

Chelsea Gullickson

Eric Quigley

Keri Wong
University of Georgia-Nadja Gilchrist- and Chelsea Gullickson have been signed by the Bulldogs.

University Of Kentucky-Eric Quigley will stay in his homestate and join the Wildcats.

Cal Poly-Andre Dome will play for the Mustangs in the fall.

Vanderbilt-Alex DiValerio & Charlie Jones are joining the Commodores for the 2008-09 season

Clemson-Keri Wong will be a Tiger next September.

Alison Ramos

Kristi Boxx

Wil Spencer

Austin Krajicek
Ashley Miller-The New Yorker will join the University of South Carolina next fall

Alison Ramos-Coach Richard Gallien announced that Allison will play for Southern California.

Ole Miss-The Lady Rebels will welcome Kristi Boxx & Gabriela Rangel in 2008.

Texas A&M-Men's Coach Steve Denton picked up Austin Krajicek & Wil Spencer.

Kim Couts

Brittany Augustine

Madison Brengle

Ashley Weinhold

Kim Couts, Brittany Augustine, Madison Brengle & Ashley Weinhold-All of these teens turned professional this summer.

The purpose of the College And Junior Tennis Status Report is to help everyone keep up with who's turning pro and who's signed to attend a specific college or transferred from one to another. Information on this page is updated as soon as we receive it.

The Status Report now corresponds its pages to the college signing periods. This page will continue through the November signing period for the 2008-09 season.

The majority of the world does not distinguish athletes as professional or amateur. That is not the case in the United States. Though the USTA has passed a "Call Item" to allow professional players 18 and under to compete in USTA National events, the NCAA still has very specific guidelines on amateur status.


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